Here you can find links to articles relating to science, activism, Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) and civil disobedience. (Note: this is copy pasted from a Google doc that was shared within an SR chat, author(s) unknown)

Top tip: If these articles are behind a paywall (shame!) search for papers on or include "preprint" / "working paper" in your Google search

Articles about climate action among scientists (including some about SR)

Artico, D. et al., 2023. “Beyond being analysts of doom”: scientists on the frontlines of climate action. Frontiers in Sustainability, 4: 1155897.

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Fisher, D. & Renaghan, Q. (2023, July). Understanding the growing radical flank of the climate movement as the world burns. Brookings Institute.

Articles and resources about NVDA in climate activism

Berglund, O. (2023). Disruptive protest, civil disobedience & direct action. Politics, 0(0).

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Young, K.A., Thomas-Walters, L., 2024. What the climate movement’s debate about disruption gets wrong. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 11: 25.

General resources for research on climate activism and different tactics

Social Change Lab - has studies and presentations on radical flank effect, Just Sop Oil campaign, Animal Rebellion, more conventional protest, etc.

Laura Thomas-Walters’ website (Yale Climate Communication group, Data Analysis and Insights Circle in Extinction Rebellion UK) - studies on mobilizing climate activists and barriers to climate activism, online messaging, predictors and effects of NVDA/disruptive tactics, etc.