Debt for Climate

27/2/2023 German Embassy in Brussels

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the cancellation of Germany's debt, @CADTM_int, @BelRebSci and @XR_Belgium joins the international @DebtforClimate campaign and calls for the cancellation of the illegitimate debts of the countries of the South #LondonAgreement1953

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Make them pay

14/2/2023 Scientists and environmental activists sound the alarm bells on private jet exhibition

Activists from Scientist Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion infiltrated the yearly AIR OPS exhibition organised by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) to bring attention to the ultra-wealthy’s disproportionate role in causing catastrophic climate change.

The activists got on stage to ask for a ban on private jets and launched helium balloons in the air containing small alarms to disrupt the event. The environmental activists entered the event hall and got up on stage, interrupting the opening speech by Juergen Wiese, chairman of EBAA.

Read more in our Press Release and in our response to Flying Group's articles in the Flemish press.

<figure class="redactor-keep-figure redactor-component" data-redactor-type="image"><img src="" alt="make them pay" data-image="tvf2lrwzpnsd"><figcaption contenteditable="true" tabindex="-1">The environmental activists entered the event hall and got up on stage, interrupting the opening speech</figcaption></figure>

Your Luxury our Collapse

13/2/2023 Scientists and Citizens Blockade Private Jet Lounges to Highlight Climate Injustice

‘Make Polluters Pay!’ chant scientists and climate activists who are now blocking the entrance of the Aviapartner Executive Lounge and the Luxaviation terminal, exclusive facilities for the super-rich flying on private jets to and from Brussels, Belgium.

This nonviolent action is part of the global ongoing MakeThemPay campaign to demand that those most responsible for the climate emergency stop their destructive lifestyles.

Scientists and citizens activists from Scientist Rebellion, Extinction Rebellion and Youth for Climate teamed up for a nonviolent action of civil disobedience to blockade both entrances to the Aviapartner ExecuteJet lounge and Luxaviation terminal.

Read more in our Press Release.

Open letter postering

10/11/2023 Cinquentenaire / Jubelpark

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